Apr 29, 2010

Book Purse

Level: Medium Time: 1 hour

I LOVE this! I couldn't decide which book cover I liked best, so I made lots! I can't claim this idea, because I saw it on another blog, but I can't remember the name...Panda something, so if this was you, let me know and I'll link this post up with yours.

Anyway, if you know how to sew, this is pretty easy.

A hard back book (I bought mine at the thrift store for .50 each)
About 1/2 yard of fabric (I'm not sure, I just used scraps)
E600 craft glue

1. First, tear all the pages out of the book. This is painful, I know, but there are plenty of book pages crafts you can use these for!

2. Lay the book out on your fabric and measure it. I just traced it with a disappearing fabric pen. I forgot to take a picture of this. Then make sure you ADD 1/2" TO EACH SIDE for a seam allowance. I cut out 4 pieces for the book cover (2 for the front, 2 for the back), 2 for the spine, and then 2 triangle pieces for the purse sides. You measure the width of the spine, go up at a 90 angle the width of the cover, and then decide how far you want to purse to open and make the "top" of the triangle that wide. Then cut a straight line from the top to the spine (don't forget to add 1/2 inch to each side for a seam allowance.).

3. Sew the pieces together. Your actually making 2 'purses,' and then you'll sew those together at the end to make sure all seams are enclosed. I sewed the spine to the 2 triangle sides, then sewed the book cover pieces (front and back) to these...the corners can get a little tricky, but just do your best! Now you should have 2 'purses.'

4. Make the handles by sewing 2 strips of fabric, 2 1/2" wide, by as long as you want your handles to be. Fold the strip in half long ways, then fold the rough edges under 1/4 inch, and topstitch near the edge.

5. Place your 2 purses right sides together, one inside of the other. Pin the handles INSIDE the two purses and on opposite sides of the purse.

6. Add velcro or a snap to the top center of the purse to keep it closed.

7. Sew around the top, leaving a 2-3" space along one of the sides to turn the purse right side out. Trim the corners, then turn the purse. Top stitch or slip stitch the hole closed. Now you have a completed purse, and an empty book...we just have to get them together! Get out your E600 craft glue, and apply to 1 surface of the book at a time. I started with the spine. Apply glue to the edges, then fill in the middle, then press the 'purse' into the spine and allow to dry. leave overnight, or for a couple hours, then glue the book cover to the purse the same way. Allow to dry. Once dry it's pretty hard to get this glue off! Now, enjoy your purse!

I ended up making several, and picked my favorite then gave the rest to friends. I recommend starting with your least favorite, figuring out what mistakes you made, then go for it! I enjoyed making these, and plan on keeping my open for cool old books to use in the future!

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  1. CUTE~ Do I get one??? Trade you! BTW, I started the giveaway so feel free to link to it!

  2. So cute! Are you selling them? I love the green. It is so summery. Or we can do a craft swap? :)

  3. Duh! I got so caught up in the cuteness of your bag that I forgot to let you know I am now follwing your blog! Happy Mother's Day!

  4. I love this idea! So cute...and green in my favorite color. Thanks for linking up to Saturday is Crafty Day!

  5. Super cute and no chance of anything inside getting squashed like in a normal purse. Thanks for linking up to Craftastic Monday!

  6. Just popped over from The Girl Creative...

    This is so cute! And perfect size for a little girl too

  7. Awww...how cute is that, my nieces would love that. Thank you for sharing such a cute idea.

  8. I've seen these before, too, but yours are super cute! So glad you shared @ Anything Related!!

  9. I've been wanting to try one of these, but my cover isn't nearly as cute as yours.

    Thanks for linking up!

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