Apr 8, 2010

I posted the invite to my little girls 'non-sleepover' party in February Here, but haven't had time to post about the activities we did, so I'll be doing that for the next couple posts. Here's her Birthday cake, which was super cute and easy.

Just bake a cake in a 9x13 pan, cover in frosting of your choice for the 'sheet.' My little one wanted pink! Then lay Twinkies down, and cover them all with a blanket of fondant. If fondant scares you, just try it! It's like edible playdough, you just roll it out with a rolling pin. Then I cut the pink flowers out of fondant with a small cookie cutter, and added dots of white frosting to the centers. The little girls are Nilla Waffers with fondant hair. Oh, I also used big marshmallows cut in half for pillows, but the heads were to big to see the pillows, so you could probably skip that!

Anyway, give it a try, and send me your link if you make this! I'd love to see it!

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  1. This is SOO cute--we are going to try it, along with your pillow invites!! I love your ideas!!