Mar 29, 2011

Rapunzel Birthday Party

Our Rapunzel Birthday Party turned out very cute! We played 'pin the braid on the tower,' and had a relay race with Pascal (the chameleon from the movie Tangled), which were plastic lizards. The Pinata was super cute, and super easy...just a oatmeal box painted gray, then sponge painted darker gray. The top is purple construction paper cut with fringes, and I glued a small yellow braid to the side.
In the movie, Tangled, Rapunzels parents release lanterns every year on her birthday, so we decorated lanterns. Another easy craft was chalk drawings. At the end of the party we released balloons (instead of lanterns), and ended with the cake, which you can see here!

Mar 27, 2011

Rapunzels Tower Cake

For my daughters 7th birthday she wanted a Rapunzel Party, so the fun challenge for me was making the cake!
The project started about 2 weeks before the party...and was pretty much all consuming until it was complete...
I think it turned out pretty cute, even though I know it's sort-of bragging to say so.
I'm almost as proud that I finally posted on my blog as I am of the cake! This one's for you sis!