Apr 3, 2011

Backwards Birthday Party Pinata!

The Backward Party Pinata! We made it inside out, of course, with the candy on the outside! And on the inside too. The candy on the outside sort of padded the pinata...so it was pretty hard to break! Dad ended up throwing the candy out...but it turned out to be a great picture!
Our other party activities were a backwards relay race; goose, goose, duck; pin the donkey on the tail (where the one furthest away is the winner). We made name tag keychains out of shrinky dinks, where the names were written backwards. The girls loved watching them shrink in the oven! And since they're see-through, the name was printed correctly on the other side!
The we enjoyed upside down cake, and ice cream with the cones on the top, plus soda pop with a straw stuck in the bottom of the can...all under the table! The whole party was fun and easy!

Apr 1, 2011

Backwards Birthday!

My Daughter wanted a backwards birthday party, so we had a new challenge...the upside down cake! Of course, we couldn't settle for a pineapple-upside-cake!
This cake was actually pretty simple. I made the bottom layer our of rice crispy treats, and had a 3 inch PVC pipe running up the center of the bottom 2 layers, to support the weight of the top layer.
The trickiest part of this cake was the candles...which we put in upside down, of course! But the candles kept dripping and putting out the flame! We kept trying, and ended up with a lot of smoke, and huge burn marks up the side of the cake. The kids all loved this! I'm just glad the smoke detector didn't go off!

Mar 29, 2011

Rapunzel Birthday Party

Our Rapunzel Birthday Party turned out very cute! We played 'pin the braid on the tower,' and had a relay race with Pascal (the chameleon from the movie Tangled), which were plastic lizards. The Pinata was super cute, and super easy...just a oatmeal box painted gray, then sponge painted darker gray. The top is purple construction paper cut with fringes, and I glued a small yellow braid to the side.
In the movie, Tangled, Rapunzels parents release lanterns every year on her birthday, so we decorated lanterns. Another easy craft was chalk drawings. At the end of the party we released balloons (instead of lanterns), and ended with the cake, which you can see here!

Mar 27, 2011

Rapunzels Tower Cake

For my daughters 7th birthday she wanted a Rapunzel Party, so the fun challenge for me was making the cake!
The project started about 2 weeks before the party...and was pretty much all consuming until it was complete...
I think it turned out pretty cute, even though I know it's sort-of bragging to say so.
I'm almost as proud that I finally posted on my blog as I am of the cake! This one's for you sis!

Jan 28, 2011

It's been a long time

Wow, It's sure been a while since I posted. I'd blame it on my 5 kids, or our recent move, or working on our business, or any other excuse that I'm sure would get some sympathy from my readers (like anyone is reading me at this point!), but the truth is, I HATE the internet. It sucks all my time. Even now, while I take 2 minutes to write this, I'm sure my children are tearing up something they're not supposed to. Besides, It only took 2 minutes to write this, but I've actually been on-line for 30...I feel the life getting sucked out of me. So, I gotta run, and can't promise when I'll remember to add another post (I actually have lots of cool crafts and party's already done, with photos and everything, just too lazy to upload them!), but it will be sometime before the end of the world. Of that I AM certain! Have a great day surfin' the web, and I hope you can find time for the truly important things (like me, I have to rescue my 10 month old from playing in the toilet).

Sep 27, 2010


One of the best parts of our whole trip was a surprise visit to Grandma and Grandpa in California.....We had told them we weren't coming, since we were so short on time, and then called Grandpa and arranged a surprise meeting in San Diego. I don't know if the kids were more surprised, or if Grandma was more surprised! Our oldest, Racer, figured out from the tidbits she picked up on by eavesdropping on our conversations....not really her fault. It's hard not to overhear each other when you live in a sardine can!
So, After our surprise meeting, we spent the next day with Grandparents at Sea World...since our new motto is "Don't take 5 Kids to an Amusement park without Help." We're very, very grateful that our parents are so willing to help with the kids, and even with all the extra help, we still lost Bubber for a few frightening minutes. But, here he is, obviously enjoying himself with all his 4 year old personality and charm! The kids loved watching the shows, and seeing all the animals. I was only bummed out about one thing....they only had 1 time to feed the dolphins (you actually go up and pet them, and feed them...we got to watch, but missed out on participating), and we missed it. Oh well, next time. This is another one of my dreams (along with rafting the grand canyon); Swim with Dolphins! Maybe someday the price will come down....or maybe I can swim with some wild dolphins for free....maybe....someday. For now, it just goes on the bucket list!

Sep 26, 2010


The beautiful Grand Canyon. This is one of my favorite places. One of my dreams/goals is to go rafting through the canyon....someday when my kids are bigger. I woke up the morning we were here and took my jog out to the rim of the canyon. As I got closer, I could feel tears start to well up in my eyes. I came here with my family when I was 16. It's just one of those places where you can feel how insignificant you really are. A place you can really appreciate the wonder of the earth, and the power of the creator. I'd come stay for a week if I could, and hike below the rim, and take a helicopter ride, or a burro ride...
My kiddo's, however (and my husband), were all tired of walking by this point, so we took the 'short' version, and hiked about 2-3 miles along the rim. We also had to take off and keep trucking, so we could see what we could in the limited days we had left.
After the Canyon, we traveled to Sedona, and played at Slide Rock State Park, which was very fun! All the kids went with Dad, but only Racer was brave enough to go alone!

Bubber Got to show off his climbing skills + Spiderman muscles!
Look closely at Limbers face....she's about to cry!
And Even Mom got in (which was pretty miraculous considering the water was FREEZING!). I, however, had to act tough, and pretend not to shiver, to convince the kids to slide down!

Sep 25, 2010


Here I am with the beautiful Pikes Peak behind me....we elected NOT to get all the kids out of the car, which turned this into a 5 second photo op instead of a 15 minute one!
However we did all get out on the TOP of pikes peak....over 14,000 feet high! I guess there's 32 mountains in Colorado over 14,000 feet, but this is the most visited. It truly is a beautiful, beautiful state. My kids wanted to make sure they were at the ultimate high point, so they found the tallest rock in the parking lot area and stood on it. The bad news is that by the time we drove to the top, it was completely in the clouds, so we didn't get a view at all. The awesome news is; on our way back down, we got caught in a beautiful thunderstorm....we were right in the middle of it. Lightning was striking all around, and hail was pounding down on the car. We pulled off the road, and rolled our windows down to enjoy it. We sat through about 10 minutes until the 'pikes peak patrol' car came and told us we had to move off the mountain. This was one of the coolest thunderstorms I've ever been in. And, truth be told, thunderstorms kinda-of scare me when I'm alone. But when I'm with my hubby, I know he'll protect me (either that, or we'll get fried together), so I can relax and enjoy the show.
After Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs, we headed south west to Mesa Verde....This is truly an exceptional national park, and please, please, please go and visit if you get the chance. Anyone who lives in the west coast has no excuse. You're within driving distance, so make it happen. Trust me, it's worth the drive! There are multiple cliff dwellings to visit and walk through, and the kids and I enjoyed speculating about the people who lived there, and why they built there homes where they did, and so on. The park rangers have there own theory's, which they present as fact, but the truth is they don't really know....nobody does. Can you imagine discovering something like this? I think if I found it, I wouldn't tell anybody....I'd just be selfish and enjoy it all by myself.
I know I'm rambling on and on (and on), but this is the last Colorado Picture....The 4 corners! I made my hubby come here even though it's really just a flat spot in the middle of nowhere. Where else can you be in 4 states at once? Nowhere else!

Sep 24, 2010

No, We're not dead!

Wow, I am a really, REALLY bad blogger....I know everybody probably thinks we're dead or something, but we actually made it home safe and sound....and had a blast on the rest of our trip. I'm just really lazy when it comes to the internet. I hate getting on, it seems like such a time sucker. At any rate, I am going to finish the posts from our Super Awesome trip in the next couple days, or maybe a week. Your probably sick of our Texas post, since it's been up for over a month, but here's the Alamo!Don't my kids look happy!?! It was actually a super hot day, and San An was very crowded. We were all exhausted, but I'm glad we drove the extra 2 hours down and back to show our kids this beautiful landmark and share a little piece of texan, and American, history with them.

Aug 18, 2010

Austin, Texas

We pretty much drove from North Dakota to Austin, Texas....a long, long time in the car! But, one of our best stories so far happened here, on Lake Travis. We wanted to check out the lake, so we looked up the state park online, and drove over. It was called "Hippie Hollow," and when we pulled up, the lady asked us
"Have you ever been here before?"
"Well, Hippie Hollow is a clothing optional State Park."

Well, we turned around pretty fast, and went on down the road to the family oriented state park! I don't get the whole nudist thing...I mean, does anybody look good naked? Maybe if they had weigh-in's, or some sort of pre-nudity test to insure that everyone on the beach wasn't going to be scarred for life after looking at your naked body, then maybe I'd go......however, I don't think I'd pass anyway (nobody wants to be looking at the un-clothed body of a mother of 5 kids, that's just wrong!)

Anyway, if you are in the lucky 0.5% of the population who looks good in the buff, you might want to move to Austin!