Sep 26, 2010


The beautiful Grand Canyon. This is one of my favorite places. One of my dreams/goals is to go rafting through the canyon....someday when my kids are bigger. I woke up the morning we were here and took my jog out to the rim of the canyon. As I got closer, I could feel tears start to well up in my eyes. I came here with my family when I was 16. It's just one of those places where you can feel how insignificant you really are. A place you can really appreciate the wonder of the earth, and the power of the creator. I'd come stay for a week if I could, and hike below the rim, and take a helicopter ride, or a burro ride...
My kiddo's, however (and my husband), were all tired of walking by this point, so we took the 'short' version, and hiked about 2-3 miles along the rim. We also had to take off and keep trucking, so we could see what we could in the limited days we had left.
After the Canyon, we traveled to Sedona, and played at Slide Rock State Park, which was very fun! All the kids went with Dad, but only Racer was brave enough to go alone!

Bubber Got to show off his climbing skills + Spiderman muscles!
Look closely at Limbers face....she's about to cry!
And Even Mom got in (which was pretty miraculous considering the water was FREEZING!). I, however, had to act tough, and pretend not to shiver, to convince the kids to slide down!

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  1. What an absolutely beautiful blog you have here, and that place in Arizona looks like SO much fun!!!
    I just stumbled across your blog somehow, and I just love it!!! I love meeting other moms.
    Now a new follower of your blog. I look forward to getting to know you better!