Sep 24, 2010

No, We're not dead!

Wow, I am a really, REALLY bad blogger....I know everybody probably thinks we're dead or something, but we actually made it home safe and sound....and had a blast on the rest of our trip. I'm just really lazy when it comes to the internet. I hate getting on, it seems like such a time sucker. At any rate, I am going to finish the posts from our Super Awesome trip in the next couple days, or maybe a week. Your probably sick of our Texas post, since it's been up for over a month, but here's the Alamo!Don't my kids look happy!?! It was actually a super hot day, and San An was very crowded. We were all exhausted, but I'm glad we drove the extra 2 hours down and back to show our kids this beautiful landmark and share a little piece of texan, and American, history with them.

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