Sep 25, 2010


Here I am with the beautiful Pikes Peak behind me....we elected NOT to get all the kids out of the car, which turned this into a 5 second photo op instead of a 15 minute one!
However we did all get out on the TOP of pikes peak....over 14,000 feet high! I guess there's 32 mountains in Colorado over 14,000 feet, but this is the most visited. It truly is a beautiful, beautiful state. My kids wanted to make sure they were at the ultimate high point, so they found the tallest rock in the parking lot area and stood on it. The bad news is that by the time we drove to the top, it was completely in the clouds, so we didn't get a view at all. The awesome news is; on our way back down, we got caught in a beautiful thunderstorm....we were right in the middle of it. Lightning was striking all around, and hail was pounding down on the car. We pulled off the road, and rolled our windows down to enjoy it. We sat through about 10 minutes until the 'pikes peak patrol' car came and told us we had to move off the mountain. This was one of the coolest thunderstorms I've ever been in. And, truth be told, thunderstorms kinda-of scare me when I'm alone. But when I'm with my hubby, I know he'll protect me (either that, or we'll get fried together), so I can relax and enjoy the show.
After Pikes Peak and Colorado Springs, we headed south west to Mesa Verde....This is truly an exceptional national park, and please, please, please go and visit if you get the chance. Anyone who lives in the west coast has no excuse. You're within driving distance, so make it happen. Trust me, it's worth the drive! There are multiple cliff dwellings to visit and walk through, and the kids and I enjoyed speculating about the people who lived there, and why they built there homes where they did, and so on. The park rangers have there own theory's, which they present as fact, but the truth is they don't really know....nobody does. Can you imagine discovering something like this? I think if I found it, I wouldn't tell anybody....I'd just be selfish and enjoy it all by myself.
I know I'm rambling on and on (and on), but this is the last Colorado Picture....The 4 corners! I made my hubby come here even though it's really just a flat spot in the middle of nowhere. Where else can you be in 4 states at once? Nowhere else!

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