Sep 27, 2010


One of the best parts of our whole trip was a surprise visit to Grandma and Grandpa in California.....We had told them we weren't coming, since we were so short on time, and then called Grandpa and arranged a surprise meeting in San Diego. I don't know if the kids were more surprised, or if Grandma was more surprised! Our oldest, Racer, figured out from the tidbits she picked up on by eavesdropping on our conversations....not really her fault. It's hard not to overhear each other when you live in a sardine can!
So, After our surprise meeting, we spent the next day with Grandparents at Sea World...since our new motto is "Don't take 5 Kids to an Amusement park without Help." We're very, very grateful that our parents are so willing to help with the kids, and even with all the extra help, we still lost Bubber for a few frightening minutes. But, here he is, obviously enjoying himself with all his 4 year old personality and charm! The kids loved watching the shows, and seeing all the animals. I was only bummed out about one thing....they only had 1 time to feed the dolphins (you actually go up and pet them, and feed them...we got to watch, but missed out on participating), and we missed it. Oh well, next time. This is another one of my dreams (along with rafting the grand canyon); Swim with Dolphins! Maybe someday the price will come down....or maybe I can swim with some wild dolphins for free....maybe....someday. For now, it just goes on the bucket list!

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  1. Oh my, you guys are still travelling, bless your hearts. I've missed out on all the fun being so busy with school. You almost gave me a heart attack seing the pic of the Grand Canyon. Just seeing those cliffs gives me anxiety, but I'm crazy like that, LOL. Drive safe, and keep making those memories.