Aug 18, 2010

Austin, Texas

We pretty much drove from North Dakota to Austin, Texas....a long, long time in the car! But, one of our best stories so far happened here, on Lake Travis. We wanted to check out the lake, so we looked up the state park online, and drove over. It was called "Hippie Hollow," and when we pulled up, the lady asked us
"Have you ever been here before?"
"Well, Hippie Hollow is a clothing optional State Park."

Well, we turned around pretty fast, and went on down the road to the family oriented state park! I don't get the whole nudist thing...I mean, does anybody look good naked? Maybe if they had weigh-in's, or some sort of pre-nudity test to insure that everyone on the beach wasn't going to be scarred for life after looking at your naked body, then maybe I'd go......however, I don't think I'd pass anyway (nobody wants to be looking at the un-clothed body of a mother of 5 kids, that's just wrong!)

Anyway, if you are in the lucky 0.5% of the population who looks good in the buff, you might want to move to Austin!

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