Jan 25, 2010

'Charming' Ribbon Bookmark

Difficulty: Easy Time: 10 min

This is a so-simple and inexpensive gift or craft for someone who loves to read!
  • Simply lay a blank ribbon into the back cover of a book and fold it over all the pages until it hangs down the front cover.
  • Leave 1/2" extra on both ends, then trim the ends.
  • Run the ribbon through a round or oval shaped jewelry link on both ends (you can find these as any craft store) and glue it to itself with a hot glue gun (grown-ups only please!).
  • Add any charm you like...I bought this initial charm for my daughter, who loves to read! The whole thing cost me about $3.00!
More Ideas:
  • Pair with a favorite book for a inexpensive, but thoughtful gift.
  • Use to Challenge your children to read. Keep track of their reading time, and when they reach a certain goal, add a new charm. I tried this with my 8 year old, and she loved it! She get's to help me pick out the new charms for her bookmark when she reaches her goal!
  • Make these at a birthday party as a favor, use as a 'Mothers Day' or 'Grandparent' Gift
  • Perfect for the person you don't know what to get them!


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