Jan 16, 2010

Love is Sweet!

Difficulty: Easy Time: 15 min

This is a great idea to give to a friend, teacher, or hubby (the fastest way to his heart is through his stomach!) I only used 1/2 dozen 'flowers,' but you could do a full dozen and make a complete bouquet. All you need is a bucket or pot, some floral foam, fake or 'silk' leaves (just the greenery), and 6-12 suckers for the flowers! Stuff the foam into the pot, and stick the leaves in so they look full. Then add the suckers in a pattern. I'm not really a florist...actually, not at all! But this one is pretty easy.
You might even add a sign or card that says "Love is Sweet," to top it off. Or maybe, "A Sweet for my Sweet!"
I used a bucket I embellished with a feather boa (see my 'Fancy' Valentine boxes post below!)
I'm all about maximizing my time, so most of my crafts are short and sweet! Hopefully you enjoy this easy valentine craft, and maybe your kids can even help! This could be a great gift or decoration for a wedding or bridal shower as well.



  1. I was so inspired by your idea I not only went out and got those heart pops, I also included it on my post of Valentine's inspirations with a link back here... If you want me to remove it, just let me know. Thanks.

  2. This is beautiful and what a great thing to share with coworkers.