Jan 23, 2010

Spy or Detective Party Activity and Craft

Difficulty: Easy Time: 10-20 min

This is a great way to turn normal "fingerprinting" at a detective, spy birthday party into a complete activity. Have different colors of stamp pads available, and let the kids choose how they want to decorate there fingerprints! This would probably work better with a group of girls!

I made these samples, and some more, and set them on the table with my colored stamp pads and a couple set of felt tip markers (washable).

When I did this I had a large group of kids...about 50-60 at a church activity. This entertained all of them, aged 4-11 for about 15 minutes. Some of the kids just took plain fingerprints, some spent tons of time getting it just perfect, some made cards....it was a big success, and something that didn't need constant supervision. Just make sure you buy "Washable" ink pads, and you're good to go!


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