Mar 20, 2010

Best way to Blow out an Egg!

Level: Easy! Time: 2 mins.

This is easy, and many of you probably know how to do this, but I have some awesome easter egg ideas coming up, and I wanted to post this first, so I could reference it in future posts!

1 egg (or however many you want!)
1 sharp tipped knife
1 nasal Aspirator (we like to call it the 'snot sucker')
1 bowl
1 straight pin

1. First, chip 2 holes in the top and the bottom of an egg.

(Here you might want to decide what your doing with the egg...if your hanging the egg, chip a hole in the top and bottom....if your putting the egg in a bowl, you may want to chip a hole in the top and SIDE, then you can cover the hole on the side with whatever your decoration is, or fill it in with some white plaster or air-dry clay, then 'presto' it looks like there was never a hole to begin with!)

2. Poke the Pin into the hole on the bottom (I know this is on the's just so you can see it) and wiggle it around to puncture the yoke sack, and make it easier for the egg to come out.

3. Hold the Nasal Aspirator up to the top hole and gently squeeze....forcing air in and egg out!

This is a lung and mouth saver, but if you force the air in too fast, you WILL crack the egg, and the effort is be patient. You may have to periodically poke to pin back up the hole on the bottom to help keep the yoke coming out.

4. Rinse under warm water, and allow to dry completely before decoration...this may take up to 2 0r 3 days, depending on the size of the holes.

(the egg pictured here has a side hole, just so you can see what I was talking about earlier in step 1)

Give it a few tries, it takes a while to become quick and efficient at this. But now I keep my aspirator in my kitchen baking utensil drawer, and whenever I have extra time when I'm baking, I blow out the eggs I'm using (because I hate waste), and save them for a future craft.

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