Mar 21, 2010

How to Hang An Egg

-Blown out egg with holes through top and bottom
(For how-to-blow-out-an-egg click HERE)
-Ribbon, string, or fishing line
(I use ribbon here for visability, but fishing line on most of my eggs for ease and non-visability...just depends on the look you want!)
- small beads (slightly bigger than hole in the bottom of egg)
-wire with loop in one end, or long tapestry needle

1. First stick wire or needle
(I used a wire, since my needles were not long enough for my large sized eggs) through the top of the egg to the bottom (loop on wire, eye on needle should come out the BOTTOM of the egg.

2. Thread a bead onto the ribbon or string and push to the middle.

3. Thread BOTH ends of the ribbon or string through the loop or eye of the needle.

4. Gently pull through the egg, being sure to leave ribbon ends long enough that they do not fall out when pulling through the egg. Don't pull too fast, or you could crack the egg.

5. Tie a knot at the top of the ribbon and trim off excess.

6. Hang! If you're decorating before you're hanging them, be careful not the let the ribbon or string fall back through the hole! You can also run a bead through the ribbon for the top, if you like. Just a personal preference, but it gives a balanced look.


  1. I'm thinking that a thin beading needle would work for this too, eh?

  2. Um, I'm not sure. The eye of the needle would have to be big enough for the ribbon to fit through. And the needle would have to be long enough to fit through the whole egg.