Mar 23, 2010

'Bling' Glitter Easter Eggs

Level: Medium-Difficult Time: 30 min


  • Blown Out Egg (for How-to click HERE)
  • Silhouettes (aprox. 1")
  • Graphite Transfer Paper
  • Glue Pen
  • ultra-fine glitter
  • tape
  • ball point pen
  • soft bristle brush
  • optional, prepare egg for hanging (for how-t0 click HERE)

Step 1: Find silhouette images you like on-line and print out to a size of aprox. 1" by 1" ( I just did a silhouette search on google images for flowers, bunnies, deer, chicks, birds, I forgot to do lambs....whatever you like)

Step 2: Cut out image, and transfer paper, then tape to egg. (I cut the transfer paper slightly larger than the image so the tape would hold it in place...since the egg is round, cut slits through the image and transfer paper where there is plain white space to help the image 'bend' around the egg.)

Step 3: Trace around the edge of sillouette...firm enough to have image transfer, but don't crack the egg!

Step 4: Pull off tape, paper and transfer paper. Use a small eraser to remove extra graphite that may have transferred to egg (don't worry about graphite tracings left inside of the silhouette image since those will be covered).

Step 5: Using a fine-tip glue pen, trace around edge of sillouette and fill in the middle (This and the next step have to be done fairly quickly, since the glue pen dries rather quick).

Step 6: Sprinkle Glitter (make sure it's ultra-fine!) over image, and shake off extra. Then allow to dry.

Step 7: Brush over egg gently, using a soft bristle brush, to remove extra glitter. Mine is a make-up brush! Make sure the glue is completely dry, 25-20 min. I just finished all my eggs, then went back and brushed them all off from 1st to last, and they were just fine.

Now you're done! Hang on a Twig 'Tree' or place in basket or bowl and enjoy for easter! If you do this craft, leave a comment here and the web address of your post. I'd love to see how your turns out, and I'm sure others would as well!

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