Jul 25, 2010

Colonial WIlliamsburg

We went to Visit colonial Williamsburg, and enjoyed walking up and down the street. We didn't actually pay for admission, so we couldn't go into the candlemakers shop, or the blacksmiths shop or things like that, but at this point are kids are tired of touring everything we see, so we only spent about and hour there. And, with 5 kids, admission costs add up quick...so we can't do everything.
My Hubby didn't really like it, but I had fun! The kids enjoyed it as long as we had plenty of water! Like I said earlier, there favorite part is looking for an ice cream shop!


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  2. Ah, we loved Williamsburg! And lived right by St. Augustine. Glad to see you guys are still having fun. The kids still say, "Limber's house!!!" every time we drive by. We're leaving for France soon so hope you come back. If not all the best to you guys! We'll miss you.