Jul 10, 2010

Epcot Center

Here's the worlds largest golf ball....at least that's what Epcot always reminds me of! By the time we made it here (our 4th day), every one was exhausted, hot and almost miserable. We took a ride on all the attractions, and made it 1/2 way around the world showcase before we threw in the towel and headed home. Of course, we couldn't go home too early, since the seven of us shut into a trailer, plus grandma and grandpa, is less than comfortable.
One of my favorite parts of Epcot are the awesome fountains. This one arches right over head, jumping from one fountain pad to the other. The kids loved playing in the water and trying to guess where it would jump next.

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  1. Hollie,

    It looks fun, but I know how hot it can be there. It can wear you out. I have a friend that lives about 20 miles from there. He is in Apopka. He is an old friend of Grandpa Macey. His name is Jim Peacock, he is a truck drive and has a big home with a pool. He is on the road now but will be home on Monday. He said you can come and park the trailer at his place if you want to. He has 2 acers and a nice pool. Very secure. Love to all, Uncle Steve