Jul 28, 2010

Washington DC

We had a beautiful day to visit Washington DC, a little overcast, so it was perfect for all the walking we had to do.
The bad news of the day was our littlest guy pooped all over his clothes, so he spent most of the day naked! I kept getting dirty looks from other moms and grandmas when it started raining. You know the look, the one that says "if you can't handle keeping your kids dressed in public you shouldn't have had so many."
But, despite the kids being completely finished with tours, and traveling, and walking, we had a wonderful day. It was sort of lucky that white house tours, capitol tours, and washington monument tours weren't available for the day (you've gotta plan months in advance, so FYI, if your coming, and contact your senator for tickets), because I think we would have had a mutiny! But we did enjoy the smithsonian, Ford Theater, Lincoln and Washington Monuments, and viewing the White House and Capitol buildings. There we're tons that we Didn't get to do, but considering our time frame, and our patience, it was a very full day.

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  1. I don't know how you did it. With your hands full with the kids, you still took on DC, Wiliamsburg and so many, many sites.
    I know you headed off to Palmayra and Kirtland. Wow what a trip. You are great parents and deserve a big star for all of your efforts.