About me

Twiggle Box

Twigglebox is owned and operated by yours truly...Mom of FIVE kids 8 and under! I hope you enjoy these ideas, and visit my website...just click on the photo above!  The most important thing to me is my family.  You can learn more about Me and the Kiddles below.

Hollie:  The Mama!  Mother, Website Manager, Web marketer, and Navigator for the summer!  I enjoy doing pretty much everything!  Hiking, biking, running, crafting, scrapbooking, reading, swimming, planning parties, traveling and mostly being a mom!  I want to learn how to take better photos.

Brandon:  The Papa!  He does just about everything, and he's excellent at them all!  (He doesn't know I'm writing all these awesome things about him, but I get to brag since I'm his wife!).  Wonderful Father and husband, plus hardworking business owner.  He remodeled our first home, and built the next from scratch, likes riding motocross, snow and water skiing, building tree houses, helping me with my crazy schemes and projects (okay, he doesn't really like this, but he helps me anyway), and playing with the kids.  Something he wants to do--go skydiving!

Racer:  Don't worry, this is a nickname!  My oldest, 9 years old.  Very helpful and obedient!  She's the mastermind behind all the kids games, and likes to include others.  She likes drawing, coloring, painting, reading, running, jumping on the trampoline, swimming, Magic tricks, and building legos.  She's learning to play the piano and guitar, and she's growing up much too fast.

Limber:  7 years old.  She's the best helper with our new baby, and can calm him down like no one else. She even gives me tips!  She loves sculpting with clay, drawing, babies, riding her bike, any kind of animal, swimming, and singing.  She writes her own songs, is learning to read, and wants to learn the piano.  She's very independent and has a laugh that lights up the whole room.

Bubber:  4 years old.  He's the real spider man,  he likes doing karate tricks,  skateboarding, punching things, kicking things, crashing things, breaking things and playing with fire.  He likes cars, motorcycles, swords, soccer balls, playing in the mud, and teasing his sisters.  He wants to learn how to shoot spiderwebs out of his wrists and fly.

Bushkin:  2 years old.  LOVES to suck her thumb (much to my dismay), is learning to talk, likes to read books, color on the walls, color on the couch, color on her brother, but doesn't like coloring on paper!  She loves to mess up her hair, and spill food all over her clothes.  She likes to climb, copy everything her big brother and sisters do, and dress herself.  She loves "Old McDonald Has a Farm," riding her bike, and driving her mom crazy!  Something she wants to learn how to do?  Nothing. She tells me everyday 'I can do it by myself!' 

The Baby:  1 Year old!  Wow, he's growing up so fast!  He loves crawling up and down the stairs, motorcyles, cars (he already makes engine noises), eating dirt, running around naked while I try to change his diaper, and -like all 1 year olds- playing in the toilet whenever someone forgets to close the bathroom door.   I know, gross, but true!  He wants to learn to talk.  Already he says "ma-ma," "da-da," "fish," and "uh-oh."