Aug 14, 2010

Niagra Falls

We stopped by Niagra Falls, but didn't have too much time to spend here, since we have to sort of hustle home. So, we didn't make it over to the Canadian Side of the falls, where the views are much better. But the American side is also interesting, and it's really amazing to stand at the top of the water falls where you can see and feel the power of the water rushing over the edge. It made my stomach drop when I got close to the edge.

And, I like this photo, since I'm holding the Baby in front of can't see my left-over baby gut, which is Still hanging around, despite the past 3 months of running my guts out every morning. Our little Bubber (3) patted my stomach a few days ago and told me "Mom, I think you've got another baby growing in there!" Thanks buddy!

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