Aug 5, 2010

One if by land, Two if by Sea

Well, I finally got the Boston pictures uploaded...We had a wonderful time exploring the "freedom Trail," and teaching the kiddos about Paul Revere: "One if by land, two if by sea, and I on the opposite shore shall be..." This first photo is in an awesomely old Cemetery that the girls and I explored while Daddio waited with the littlest ones, who were sleeping in the stroller. I only wish I had thought to bring some paper and crayons to show them how to do grave rubbings, but there were pre-revolution graves here, and it was very neat.
Behind us here is the Old North Church, where the lanterns were hung so that Paul Revere, and others, could ride out to warn there fellow revolutionaries, "The British are coming!" As you see, both Brandon and I are in the photo, meaning we had a stranger take the picture. Stranger + technical camera = bad photos....oh well! I tried to mess with this one on photoshop, but this is the best I could least you can see us now, where the original was so dark you couldn't tell who was in the pic!
And here's the Revere Home....he was actually a silversmith, and made a killing during the revolutionary war making canons. He also made bells. Interesting. He bought this home when it was 90 years old, so it way pre-dates the revolution, and is now the oldest home in Downtown Boston.

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  1. I enjoyed the photos of Boston. I really think your children will remember a lot of this over the years. It will give them a love for this land of America, that many do not have.