Aug 16, 2010

North Dakota

Do we look happy here? Mostly, no! We spent an EXTRA 11 hours of driving so that we could get a picture with this's the close up:
Why did we do this? Pretty much just so we could torture the kids! No, really, when we started this trip we didn't think we'd make it to every state, but when we were in Chicago we realized we were going to hit all 48 continental States, except North Dakota (and, this is the only state my hubby hasn't been to). SO, to make a long story (and drive) short, we decided that we'd be missing out on MAJOR bragging rights if we didn't come here....and someday our kids will thank us, because we brought them to North Dakota, so they'll never have to come here again (no offense if you live here....but we really couldn't find anything to do here).

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