Feb 28, 2010

Cutest Homemade Calendar

Difficulty: Medium Time: Overnight to dry

I saw this at my friends house, and I fell in love! I just had to have one! (even over my hubby's protests of "we're moving, we don't need more junk!" I've also made 2 as gifts, they are cute, easy, original, and inexpensive!
  • 12x12 shadow box frame (mine was $9.00)
  • 12 sheets of scrapbook paper (one for each month)
  • Thermo set Glass Paint of Glass Pen
  • Black 'liquid chalk' pen
  • small items to place in frame between paper and glass
1. First, draw the calendar template out on a 12x12 sheet of paper (I know this picture is hard to see, my template is in pencil). Then lay the glass over top, and trace the template with the glass paint or glass pen. I found a glass pen easier for this step, but glass paint was easier for me to get the small letters for the days of week words (next Step). Also, I had to let the horizontal lines dry for about an hour before I painted the vertical lines....My first try I did it too quickly, smeared it all and had to start over!

2. Next I printed the days of the week IN REVERSE on my computer, and simply traced the words backwards onto the glass. You want to make sure that 'Saturday' is on the left, and 'Sunday' on the right, so when the glass is placed back in the frame, they will read in the correct order. Let the glass paint/pen dry for 24 hours, and then bake in your oven according to paint/pen directions.

3. Once cool, wash with glass cleaner, and flip over. Use the chalk Pen to add numbers for the date, and the Name of the month on the top. I cheated and printed off a pretty type, which I laid under the glass and traced! I'm sure most of you crafters have better handwriting than me! And could probably freehand! The chalk Pen will wash off with water or glass cleaner so it's easy to change every month.

4. Place glass in frame, then whatever little items you have (mine are gold necklaces, but gold coins or chocolate coins would be cute too). Place the correlating month 12x12 scrapbook page behind (and I store all my other 'month' pages behind this one), then close up the frame, and hand or stand on a shelf!
I wont do this whole tutorial again, but I'll post my monthly Calendar pages...if you have a good one, please share! I'm sure I'm not the first to do this, but I'm new to 'craft blogging,' so sorry if I used anyone else idea and didn't give credit!



  1. LOVE it. I've got to find a way to convert mine into a shadow box if I can!

  2. So CHIC! I am bringing your Tutorial to my side, to show off your Stuff! AbbyShabbyB♥