Feb 22, 2010

Our New Baby Countdown!

Here I am, getting ready to POP! Only 2 weeks from today until our new baby is due. I don't know if I'm having a girl or a boy..I don't have names picked out either! Let's do a fun game....anybody who wants to guess what we're having, plus actual date and time (or closest) wins an "It's a girl" hair barrette or

"It's a boy" hair barrette or "Big Sister" barrette, whatever the winner wants! Just a small prize, but it's still fun! So, here's a little info for a better 'educated' guess. I have 3 girls and 1 boy. I usually deliver within 1 or 2 days of my due date. My actual due date is March 8th. So send me your best guesses, and we'll see who's closest!

All you have to do to play is leave a comment here on this post! Also, If anyone has some name suggestions....mostly we're stumped on a boys name! Have fun, and I look forward to your guesses and comments!



  1. I'm going to guess that you will have a BOY on March 9th (my son Chandler's birthday). I'm also going to guess 1:36 pm, 7 lbs. 1 oz.

    I can't wait to hear what you have and meet him/her!

    Good luck!

  2. Girl- March 11th- 12:01 am- 8 lbs 5 oz- And name her Ashlee for her favorite Aunt! JK, Just not Edward or James just in case I get Bill to give me another one... I like Kate or Kathryn, but I'm into those more traditional names. Yours are so much FUN! Okay, think like Hollie..... I used babynamewizard name finder and got this one looking up unusual names, ready? Pavely (girl). For a boy they suggested: phoenix, trig, track, and zephyn???

  3. Okay, found some more boy names (since I know you have a girl one you like). Remember I was going with "non popular in the US right now" names:
    Alvin, Armand, Ashley, Barrett, Carsten, Coleman, Damon, Duncan, Dusty, Dwight, Eddie, Emerson, Enoch, Ephraim, Leon, Mike, Obadiah, Odin, Pierce, Rand, Reece, Rhett, Rodney, Stone, Theron, Tobin, Vance, Vaughn, Wade, Walt

    You know you love me!

  4. March 6th at 4:26pm! And it's gonna be a boy...as for names... Dave always likes Corbin or Tavian. I heard the name Paisley for a girl and liked it. Good luck! Can't wait to hear! Love you!

  5. Okay here we go... I think March 9th at 5:35am. And of course it is going to be a boy! I also think Ashley had a great suggestion for a name... Dusty... but then again Vaughn sure sounds good! :)

  6. I thought you'd get a kick out of Dusty, but you KNOW it's going to be a Little Ashlee!!!

  7. BOY! I think you should go with "Wave" as a tribute to both grandfathers hehe

    March 10th 1:30am 8lbs 5oz 21inches

    a cool boy name I just heard "Taggart" they just call him Tag, I liked it but thats just me ;)

    and I would love to see you guys!
    email me if you want to get together.

  8. I'm going with Boy, March 8th and weight: 7lbs. 11oz.
    Time: sometime in the early afternoon

  9. Hi Hollie! I am going to guess a bouncing baby BOY on March 12th at 8:32am~
    We WERE going to name Mason, Elijah (Eli)- but opted for Mason instead in honor of his Dad's profession and canning season =)If he were a girl, I had my heart set on Tatum (Tate)~
    Thinking of you and wishing you a textbook delivery!
    Janna Kirk

  10. Hi Holly! I can't remember if Jason told me you were pregnant or not. Congrats!! I can't believe you are at #5! I have only seen Macey and Kimber. We need to see you guys.

    Well, I think you are having a girl on March 8th at 9:42pm. If you do have a boy I like the name Jax. Anyway, good luck with everything!

  11. March 10th at 4:47am to a BOY! =)