Feb 27, 2010

Easy Kids Craft, Countdown to our New Baby!

Difficulty: Easy! Time: 10 min

This was a fun craft I did with my kids to get them excited and ready for our new baby! I collected small candies, nuts, sugar free gum, stickers (whatever!) and let the kids choose what they wanted. We grouped them in 4's so each child would receive 1 treat a day. I tried to steer away from sugar, and more towards stickers and healthy treats, but we did get some candies in there as well! We did this 2 weeks before, but you could do it earlier if wanted.
We laid out a long sheet of saran wrap, and rolled the treats up inside, then tied baby blue and baby pink curling ribbon to separate the prizes. Each day the kids get to open one and eat it!
I draped the chain over a baby photo of our last baby, and I think it makes a cute and easy decoration!

Don't forget to join 'Our New Baby Countdown' game by leaving a guess and comment on that post :-)

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