Feb 20, 2010

"Up" Movie Party or Balloon Birthday Party House Cake

This cake was fun to make...though it didn't turn out quite as well as I'd hoped. I used a 10" round pan for the base of the cake and covered it with Blue Fondant, then added fondant clouds. The house was made out of the Wilton Brand Stand Up House Cake pan, but in retrospect I would have used a gingerbread house instead....my cake was collapsing on itself by the end of the party. At least we made it through!
I frosted the house with colored buttercream, and lined the edge to hide the cake pan with white buttercream dots to look like clouds. The roof is covered in necco candies. Then I blew up Water Balloons with helium and strung them on a bobby pin, which I pushed into the top of the cake. The only bad thing is the water balloons aren't really made to hold helium, so their float time is pretty short. I blew these up about 10 minutes before the party, and by 'cake time' an hour and a half later about 1/2 of them were already deflated. But I just cut the deflated ones off, and it still looked full and cute. The Kids all loved it!

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