Feb 18, 2010

Up Birthday Party 'snipe hunt' and Kevin Puppet

Difficulty: Med-hard Time: 1-2 hours

The whole birthday party was actually a "Snipe Hunt." If you've seen pixar's "UP" you'll understand. So I made this Kevin puppet 'snipe' out of feather boas for the party end. First you I cut out pieces of blue felt for the head, body and feet. Then I sewed these pieces together, leaving a spot to add in the feather boas for the neck and legs. I cut one 7 foot feather boa (available at twigglebox.com for only $2.99) into 3 pieces for the neck and legs. I filled the body, head and feet with the poly stuffing, and stripped 5 feathers for the head of the snipe, and stuck them in the seam.

Then I just stiched right over the opening with the feather boas stuck into the seam...I wan't too worried about nice seams, since felt doesn't run, and there are so many feathers they cover all the seams. The body I covered with different colors of feather boas, it should take 2 or three. You could buy bags of feathers as well, but I thought the boas were cheaper and easier. I cut a face and feet out of orange felt, and hot glued them to the head and feet. Then I attached giant googly eyes....if your using hot glue on the eyes make sure you place the glue on the head part first, then let it cool slightly before placing on the eye, or else the eye will melt. Lastly, I used 2 dowels and fishing line to make the puppet working parts. I stiched the fishing line through the feet, head, and body, and attached it to the dowels, which I arranged in a cross. I had a picture of this, but I lost all of my camera pictures (including the actual birthday party) for a whole month when my computer froze during uploading....and yes, I did cry!

When we finally finished the snipe hunt, we still hadn't found the snipe, so we called out "Chocolate!" and the snipe came out (run by my hubby!) All the kids got to take a turn being the puppet master, and had a blast. I took pictures of them all (which are now gone) to put into their thank you cards...which is a great idea if your computer is working. If anybody else makes one of these 'kevin's," let me know. I'd love to see how it turns out, there are so many creative moms out there who I'm sure could do this much better then I!


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  1. Hi there! I was just browsing your site, since I'd put your link on mine......would you do the same for me? I'd sure appreciate it....I thought that's what we were doing originally, but can't remember for sure. Thanksk!!!