Feb 13, 2010

'Ellie Badge' for UP movie birthday party

Difficulty: Easy Time: 5 min per badge

I made these 'Ellie badge's" to give to our birthday guests at my 6 yr. old's UP movie birthday party. My kids were really excited about these, since they had to drink the soda first! We rarely buy soda, so this was a treat! So, here are the steps!

1. Find Soda with old fashioned bottle caps and drink up!
2. Wash caps and let dry completely.
3. Buy safety pins just larger than cap, and bend attached side slightly.
4. Fill entire bottle-cap with hot-glue (parents only please!)
5. Place safety pin with bent side into glue (open the pin to make sure you're not gluing the wrong side! Prop the other end of the safety pin on another bottle cap to hold in place.
6. Let cool...this takes longer than you would think...about 5 min.

Done! Now you're got your very own "Ellie Badge" for you and friends!


1 comment:

  1. So clever! I'm going to be dressing up as Russell from the movie Up.
    I'm in high school, and I'm wearing my costume to school tomorrow, so even though I won't be able to take advantage of your Ellie-badge-making experiences, I think your idea is brilliant! I wish I had found your blog earlier. :)