Feb 2, 2010

Up Movie Birthday Party Invite

I made this cute and easy invitation for my daughter birthday coming up! (get it?) I just used simple, bright colors, and glued the letters "What's UP" on the front, as pictured. Inside is a note that says "Blow up your balloon to find out!" The actual invitation is written on the balloon itself. Mine says:

Megan is turing 6!
Come UP to our house
for some Sky-High FUN!
Thursday, February 11th
1234 Main Street
RSVP Megan's Mom 123-1234

To write on the balloon I blew it up, and tied the end off with a rubber band. I used a permanent felt tip marker, let it dry, then deflated it. Be careful deflating, because when the ink get's compressed it's still a little wet, and smears easily.

Look for my UP movie b


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  1. I seriously love this! My fiance and I are having an "UP" themed engagement party, and I had a similar idea for my invitations. I've been thinking of some great stuff for the decor, but I'm not 100% on my centerpieces yet. Did you do table decor or centerpieces for this party? I'd love some inspiration or ideas!