Jun 15, 2010

Family Bonding

As with any family vacation, after a few days, or weeks, as the case may be, everybody starts getting on each others nerves. Especially when you're all living in a sardine can! My poor kids all sleep in this one tiny room at the back of our trailer in bunk beds, so they really have no personal space. Especially little Bubber, whose bed is consistently invaded by little sister Bushkin. She has not learned how to stay in her bed yet, so getting everybody to sleep each night is always a challenge. Once the door closes she goes on a rampage. Pulling down her big sisters blankets, pinching her big brother, crawling all over her big brother, getting into big brothers treasure box, dumping out all the socks, undies and jammies.....you get the idea! Usually this only goes on for 10 minutes or so, and then she falls asleep, but heaven forbid she should take a nap---then she could be up for an hour or two! This happens at least once a week!

And our poor little guy gets the brunt of it! Sometimes he falls asleep amid the whirling dervish of death (I have no idea how), and then Bushkin will crawl up into his bed and sleep with him!
Sometimes I feel like I spend my whole day scolding, or correcting, or time-outing, or refereeing, or what-ever-elsing that's not pleasant....then I get little moments like the 2 above, and I figure it's all pretty much worth it. And maybe I'm not such a bad mom after all. Or maybe it has nothing to do with my mothering, and everything to do with my 5 wonderful kids, who pretty much are the best kids in the world, in spite of me!

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