Jun 17, 2010

Ginormous S'mores

My Mom sent a little care package for the kids that included these GINORMOUS MARSHMALLOWS! The photo doesn't even do justice...they are at least 4 times bigger than the normal marshmallow. So, we had a family s'more roast, and everybody got good and sticky!
These Marshmallows are made by "Campfire" and are called "Giant Roasters." I have no idea where she found them, but I'm sure you could find some on-line. Anyway, these are not only giant, they are also the best marshmallows I've ever had...and super soft, they are easy to roast to perfection! So, If you're planning a camping trip this summer, these are a must!


  1. Man those are HUGE. Love the cute little picture of Ezra snd Brecken. Gpa Dave

  2. We loved our too! Hey, how do you get dad to look at your blog and COMMENT???? I don't think either of the folks check either of mine ever! Oh well, I can talk about them this way!