Jun 5, 2010

Mississippi River Model

This was a really cool thing in Memphis, and totally free...if you don't mind walking across the footbridge. They also have a monorail that takes people across for a small fee, but we walked over, and it wasn't too far.

It's on a little island in the middle of the Mississippi River, and is called "Mud Island Park." It's full of biking trails and such, but we spent our time playing in a scale model of the Mississippi River. It's very detailed, including elevations, cities, bridges, dams, flood areas, spillways, and where the rivers that feed the Mississippi come from. At the end of the river, in New Orleans, is the delta area, a fountain, and a pond where you can rent paddle boats. It was the perfect way to cool off after a long, hot and humid day! So, next time your in Memphis, make this a planned stop!

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