Jun 10, 2010

President Lincoln Birthplace

The kids enjoyed visiting Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace at Sinking Spring Farm in Kentucky. The bummer was that the memorial building where the 'one room log cabin' is was closed for renovation. The Super-Bummer was the National Parks department recently discovered that the cabin they have on display (the one we didn't get to see), isn't the original log cabin. Oh well!
The fun thing was seeing the "sinking Spring" for which the farm is named. Very cool! I wish I had this where I lived! It was just beautiful, and I could imagine myself gathering my water for washing and drinking here!
Then we drove about 8 miles to Lincoln's Boyhood home on Knob creek. Here, as a boy, he almost drowned, and was saved by his best friend. The cabin pictured is the original cabin of his friend, which the parks department moved here to the Lincoln farm. After the Lincoln's left here, they moved to Illinois, where most people believe Lincoln is from....probably because they claim to be "The Land of Lincoln!"

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  1. Wow. What a cute family. We missssssss all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 57 and rain here
    gpa dave