Jun 26, 2010

Sea to Shining Sea

We made it to the Atlantic Ocean! We got into the Fort Lauderdale, FL area around 6:00 at night, unhooked our trailer, and had to drive around for about an hour until we found a public beach. We swam and played for about an hour, and the kids had a blast finding shells and cool rocks and such. The water was so warm, the waves were small enough that everyone got to swim!
So now it's official, we've made it across the entire country! Of course, we didn't start on the west coast, but we did take our kids to the Oregon coast a year ago, so now they've all been 'from sea to shining sea;' except for the baby! Someday he'll reach the pacific, and then it'll be official for him! We really live in an amazing country, I hope each of us will do our part to keep it so wonderful! So look around your area for somebody you can help, or even just share a smile with....and don't forget your own family!

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