Jun 9, 2010

We got to spend the weekend in Cave City, Kentucky. It's actually a pretty cute little town with lots to do. Mini golf, amusement park, dinosaurs, stuff like that! But the main attraction is Mammoth Cave National Park. Mammoth cave is the longest cave in the world, over 350 miles...I don't remember exactly. Sometimes it's hard to hear the tour guide when you're watching 5 kids :) It was very interesting...we learned about how the cave used to be mined for salt peter, which is used in Gun Powder. There are still mining tools, pipes, and boxes from pre-cival war era in the cave. In mining salt peter they use water to filter through the dirt until it's all "petered out," which is where that term comes from!

We've been reading "Tom Sawyer" to the kids at night, so they were imagining how scary it would have been for Tom and Becky to be stuck inside the cave, with no light. Our little Bubber kept wanting to go to where the lights ended and stare off into the void....he thought the total darkness was pretty scary!

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  1. I'm from Cave City. I just received an email from your store and saw where you had a blog, so I checked it out. You have such cute ideas! Thanks for sharing. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Cave City.
    Beth Kaumanns