Jun 19, 2010

Vinyl USA map

We try lots of different things to help our kids learn about where we are and what we're doing, and one of our favorites is the Vinyl US map on the side of our trailer. It helps us keep track of where we've been, and gives the kids a visual on where we live, where we are now, where grandma and grandpa are, stuff like that! The only down-side is the kids all want to put every state on, and since Dad and I can't remember who did what state last, we get a little arguing! Sometimes Dad even sneaks out and puts the state on before the kids remember....I know, I know, we're bad....but our mental health counts for something!


  1. Where do you buy this vinyl map. I love it

  2. I got this on Ebay! My Favorite on-line place to shop....oh, I mean besides shopping at twigglebox.com