Jun 18, 2010

NASA Space Center in Huntsville Alabama

We stayed only over night in Hunstville, and we're not able to go into the space center due to time, but we walked all around and saw rockets, space ships, and this bomber jet....or whatever it is. My husband always like to do 'karate' poses to support our little 3 year old...so that's whats going on here!
And, we had a better picture of the whole rocket, but there was a glare or something, so our heads were blocked out by whitish something....I'm obviously not a photographer, and although I have a nice camera, it can't compensate for my ignorance! Anyway, once I found out how much the Kennedy space center costs ($50-$80...yikes!), I wish we would have gone here, where admission is $25 for adults, and $18 or something like that for kids. So, if you're traveling to or near alabama, it's probably worth the stop!

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