Jun 6, 2010

Jackson, Tennessee

Jackson Tennessee is home to the Casey Jones village, where you can learn all about how Casey Jones gave his own life to save the lives of the many passengers on his train. There is a museum there, and Casey Jones home, which you can tour for about $5 per person. The village has several train cars around, a few shops, and the cutest little country store, I wanted to buy everything! Luckily for my husband, we are greatly limited on space in our travel trailer!
We also visited another train museum in the town, which was free. We like doing all the 'free' things, since with 7 people admission prices add up really quick! This museum was small, but cute. Located in the original train station, we got to look through an old passenger car and caboose, pull the train whistle (way to many times), and learn all about trains! They have mini electric trains that drive all around one room, with scenes, people, train yards, and villages where you get to play "I spy" using a list they have prepared. My kids loved this. You have to admit, trains really are cool!

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