May 12, 2010

Day 11, in Missouri

On Monday We went to Hannibal, Missouri, which is the birthplace of Mark Twain, Author of Tom Sawyer. So, Here we are in front of his boyhood home, whitewashing the fence! Just like in the book! They also have a fun museum, a tour of his home and 'becky thatchers' home, and 1 mile down the road is the Mark Twain Cave, and another cave that you can tour. This was a cute stop, but if I was to go again, I would plan going for one of their festivals like "Twain on Main," memorial Day weekend, or their 4th of July Celebrations.
Yesterday We enjoyed the St. Louis Gateway Arch, and learned a little bit more about Lewis and Clark. It's hard to get a picture of the whole arch, but we gave it our best shot!
We rode up to the top of the arch in one of these little 'pod' things....not the best photo of my kids, but it was hard to get a decent one!
Here we are at the top of the arch, 630 feet up! When we but our little Bushkin up there, she Freaked out. She cried and whimpered. Then I looked over, and it made my tummy drop! It didn't even phase the other kids. We all enjoyed it, but I think the kids liked the ride up and down, when we got to eat taffy that we had bought at there little 1880's gift store.

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