May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day and Travel Day 8

Hope you all had a wonderful mothers day! My gifts ranged from Bubber giving me a rusty hose end and a flashlight (his treasures), to Racer's book she wrote for me, and my 6 yr old, Limber, taking me on a walk to release her pet butterflies.

Today we spent in a restored 1840's town called Historic Nauvoo, in Nauvoo, Illinois run by the LDS church. The kids got to learn about making candles (we got to take some home!), clothes, bread, rugs, lots of other things! We made our own rope (we got to keep!), learned about barrels and wheels, watched a blacksmith make a horseshoe (which we got to keep), and leaned how the bricks for the city were made (we got one of those too!). We also learned about the people who built and lived in the town. Very interestering and interactive.
We also got to see the Restored Nauvoo Temple, and here is the beautiful building. I hope you all had a wonderful mothers day too!


  1. What a cool way to spend Mother's Day!


  2. Dang it! Why didn't you warn us? I wanted to see your van!

  3. Wow Cox Family it is so fun to hear about your adventures. I would love to do something like this someday. But I have a few questions. Are you staying in Hotels? What about laundry?
    LOve all your pictures.
    Sandy (& Rick) Nelson

  4. We've been wanting to go to Navuoo for a couple of years. Your pictures look great. The Blacksmith looks like Brother Royse!