May 19, 2010

Day 17, Eureka Springs

We Stayed in the Cute little town of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. But, I forgot to take a picture, sorry! It's a got a cute little shopping district, and it's a small town in North West, AR, a cute stop it your in the area!

However, I did find this little turtle on my morning run. I saved his life because he was trying to cross the highway, and was about 30 seconds away from becoming Road Pizza. The kids enjoyed playing with him for a couple of hours until we had to leave, and we let him go--far away from the road!


  1. Oh my look at that! When we lived in Louisiana there was a turtle that would always come to our house from the wooded area. My children always asked if they could keep it, and of course we didn't. But it'd come by for a visit and stay for a few hours, about 3x a week.


  2. Fun! A pet you don't have to take care of! Have a great day!