May 14, 2010

Day 12, St. Louis Missouri

Thursday was a Beautiful day in St. Louis! We got to discover what a beautiful city this really is. I definitely want to come back someday soon....there is so much for families to do, and most of it is FREE! Here is Bushkin watching flamingos at the St. Louis Zoo. This is probably the most beautiful Zoo I've ever been too, and it's completely free! We had a wonderful time.
Here we are at the St. Louis Science Museum (also completely free!), watching a giant Ball shoot....I'm not sure what the 'technical' name is, it's like a giant marble maze, roller-coaster thing! We spent hours here learning about arches, buildings, earthquakes, tornados, dinosaurs, and lots more! You don't even feel bad about paying for parking ($9), since everything there is Free, and excellent. It's totally hands on, there are also optional exhibits, and and Imax that do cost money, but there was plenty to keep my kids busy, and they already want to go back. One word of advice...don't go during school hours....we had to 'compete' with HUNDREDS of school children, so if you've got the chance, go after 2:00!

Today we're in Springfield, but we can't enjoy any of their parks or fun places since it's pouring rain, and is supposed to rain for the next 4 days (flood warnings!) It kind-of ruins the trip when your stuck inside a tiny trailer, with 5 kids, for 3 days! I think everybody's patience is wearing thin, expecially moms! Next we're headed to Branson, and then to Arkansas. Anybody know of great places we should stop in Arkansas? Any place where it doesn't rain---EVER!?!

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  1. Oh boy, St. Louis sounds like a lot of fun! I didn't know you could go to the top of that arch. I thought it was just a visual site. I think I would've been like Bushkin had I looked as well. I love it when there are free activities to enjoy with the children where they can still have a learning experience. I'm going to start searching for some for our upcoming trip to NY. Be safe!