May 23, 2010

Travel Tip: Look OUTSIDE candy Jar!

Okay, so after 3 weeks of traveling in the car, almost every day, I started feeling bad about all the beautiful, interesting, fun and exciting things that my kids were missing out on as we drove by. They were too busy watching a movie (not that I'm knocking DVD players for the car, I love them!), coloring, reading, vomiting, or arguing with each other. If Dad or I pointed out something interesting, by the time they actually looked out the window, we had passed it. So my hubby, awesome dad that he is, came up with the Jelly Bean Jar Idea!

The Rules are pretty basic. The kids try to find interesting things OUTSIDE of the car, and if they're the first person to see something cool, they get a jelly bean! Of course, Dad and I are the ULTIMATE judges of what is really cool, and (sorry Limber) signs and trees DO NOT count! I painted a jar with the words "I Spy, See my Eye," since that's what Bushkin (2) says whenever we play I Spy.

This has really opened my kids eyes to see the beautiful things around them. However, I caution any readers who use this idea. It can be irritating when your 3 and 5 year old yell out every half a second whenever they see a sign; "look, a sign with a bear on it," "Look, a sign with a letter A on it," "Look, get the idea! But it's worth putting up with the silly stuff (which they don't get rewarded for), since we found a way to get them to interact with the world around them.