May 5, 2010

Day 4

Here we are at the FREE dinosaur park in Rapid City. If you've never been to Rapid City, this is a MUST for everybody. Old, young, big families, small families...there is so much to do here, and we have enjoyed ourselves immensely, despite the freezing weather. I think we could spend a month here and never be bored. Today we enjoyed the dinosaur park, and panned for gold, where we met the most interesting man who used to be a stunt double! He talked, and talked, and talked, and talked (get the picture), then when we left, he gave his autographed picture and his address. I'll have to send him our Christmas card. The kids loved panning for gold, but somehow I lost the photos, or maybe I just thought I took them, but didn't really...I love digital, but I Hate it too.
This is Wall Drug, who survived the depression by giving away free water, and now there just a huge store, with weird things all around, like this dinosaur who comes to life and roars every 12 minutes. My girls where scared to death, but the Boy used his Spider Man, Karate moves to scare the dinosaur and put him back to sleep. Whew, thanks buddy! Onward and is the badlands national park and the Corn Palace...ever heard of it? You'll have to come back to find out! (P.S. Happy Cinco De Mayo, We had burritos for dinner)


  1. Way to go! We've been thinking about you guys! Keep havin fun! Ryan, Holly and Zane

  2. Oh boy you guys are having so much fun, I so wish my family and I could be there. I love the memory making you all are doing. Hope when we get to travelling the end of the month that we'll have as much fun. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!