May 4, 2010

Day 3

Mt. Rushmore! This would have been more fun if it wasn't FREEZING here. We woke up this morning to 2 inches of snow (global warming, anyone?). The temp today was about 40 degrees, with super high winds, so our stay at Rushmore wan't as long as we had hoped. You know what else Freezing temperatures mean? 5 Kids INSIDE our 32 foot Trailer. This was the first test of Mom's patience...I was hoping it wouldn't come so soon.
Mt. Crazy Horse, we got to visit here after Rushmore. It wasn't any warmer (obviously), but one can hope. Tomorrow is supposed to be colder, we shall see! Don't forget to vote here, top left, on if you think we're crazy, awesome, or wish you could come! I voted for awesome, but now I'm thinking, Crazy :)


  1. Hey, are you going to be coming to Nauvoo at all?

    And I think you are awesome for attempting all this!

  2. It's because your going BACKWARDS! Silly... Your going to the cold states when it's TOO cold, and the warm states when it will be TOO hot! Swap, go in the opposite circle, hit the warm southern states now, and the norther states on the way home!

  3. sounds like you're off to a great start!