May 22, 2010

Day 20 & 21, Little Rock, Arkansas

We got into little Rock Wednesday evening, and enjoyed a beautiful bike ride along the riverfront, where they have great bike paths. The next Day was Rainy (again!), but the afternoon cleared up and we took the Kids to see Central High School (pictured above), which is the school famous for the desegregation battle in 1957. I'm sure you've all seen it in school. It was a great opportunity to teach our kids about equality, and how far our country has come. It was a good reminder to Brandon and I of all the things we take for granted, not only equality, but all the blessings of our country. We live in such an 'easy,' wonderful time, it's hard to remember the sacrifices made by thousands before us that make our lifestyle today what it is.
Well, I loved the little rock riverfront bike path, and Central High was interesting, but the best part of Little Rock was definitely this Old Mill! It was in a beautiful little park, and we had dinner here, and probably spent 3 hours just relaxing and looking around. It's actually a replica, but was built in 1930, and was in the opening filming of "Gone With the Wind." I wish I could build my house right next door! This is definitely worth the stop!

Oh, and here's a picture of the little guy, requested by Grandma! He's getting so big! I tried to get one of his cute smile, but he wasn't going for it! Love you.


  1. He's so cute and he's so cute and he's so cute!!!

  2. You guys are still trekking and having loads of fun!

    Freshly picked blueberries are such a treat. I can see why his didn't make it home.

    It must've been so peaceful taking a bike ride on that trail, and I love the old mill. I enjoy how you guys teach the children all sorts of history and things on your visits, along with fun.

    I agree with Gpa, he's so cute!

    And as for shopping, not on a hungry stomach, or with the children in my case. Be safe!