May 26, 2010

Day whatever...Hot Springs, Arkansas

We left Little Rock for Hot Springs, which I was afraid would be stinky, like most hot springs are, but surprisingly, these springs don't smell at all! Which was wonderful. Here are my kids sitting by one of the springs. We tried to put our feet in, but it was too hot for us! The earth truly is incredible. I'm constantly amazed at all the natural diversity here in our country.
Here's the kids at the original bath house...where people would come to be 'cured' of anything from a cold to paralysis. Good luck! Of course, the bath houses now don't claim to cure anything, and offer all sorts of spa services. We didn't actually take a bath, my kids were to enthralled with Radio Disney on site (which is why they're not looking at the camera in the first picture).
We enjoyed music, dancing, and games with a crew from Radio Disney, and won some stickers, bookmarks, and other prizes. It was fun, but also very hot, so it wasn't too long before we retired to the pool!

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